Fearless: Now Booking

Fearless | 1:11 Arts Production

Carolyn Currey, principal dancer for 1:11 Ministries, in a promotional shoot for Fearless.

We are now booking FEARLESS for Spring 2018. Invite Us.

Anxiety and depression are rising trends in North America, affecting people of all ages including young people. Into this disturbing cultural trend comes the life-changing call of Jesus: “Fear not.”

But is that really possible?

Our newest production, FEARLESS, is a journey in music, word, and dance, through the realities of fear and doubt and into the abundance of life promised by Jesus. Audiences are invited to join the 1:11 team in “walking on water” as we encounter the nature and promises of God and discover true courage there.

With gorgeous visuals, a profound message, and powerful contemporary music and dance, FEARLESS is one hour that can bring audiences across the line from fear to faith.

Check out the video below for behind-the-scenes footage and more about our heart in FEARLESS …