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Solid theology, uplifting music and superbly expressive ballet.–Rev. B. Brown, St. Catharines, ON

Thirsty souls found refreshment and the word of our Lord a faithful expression.–Rev. Glen Wells, Hamilton, ON


Anxiety and depression are rising trends in North America, affecting people of all ages including young people. Into this disturbing cultural trend comes the life-changing call of Jesus: “Fear not.”

But is that really possible?

Our newest production, FEARLESS, is a journey in music, word, and dance, through the realities of fear and doubt and into the abundance of life promised by Jesus. Audiences are invited to join the 1:11 team in “walking on water” as we encounter the nature and promises of God and discover true courage there.

With gorgeous visuals, a profound message, and powerful contemporary music and dance, FEARLESS is one hour that can bring audiences across the line from fear to faith.

Arms Wide Open

2014.04.30 (86)Arms Wide Open is our Easter production. Stirring narrative and original choreography communicate the Easter message powerfully, posing the question: “How far will love go to set the captives free?”





Ode to the Broken

Touring worldwide, Ode to the Broken is a groundbreaking combination of personal testimony and soul-stirring artistry. Mercy Hope speaks from her background of a childhood of poverty and domestic abuse to the incredible healing power of God. The dance portion of the production features the dramatic choreography of 1:11’s Carolyn Currey, along with readings by Rachel Starr Thomson. Ode to the Broken is a truly life-changing production that delves deep into brokenness and, especially, the healing that is found in the love of God.

Who You Say I Am

Who am I? Every human being asks that question—and in Christ, every human being can find incredible answers.

With original choreography and a life-changing message, Who You Say I Am is a groundbreaking combination of soul-stirring artistry, powerful personal testimony, and encouragement.

Journey through the fall and redemption into the freedom and empowerment of our identity in Christ. Who You Say I Am is a powerful look at true identity and who God says we really are.



This Christmas, 1:11 Ministries presents INCARNATION. Celebrate the coming of the King in word, dance, and music.

INCARNATION journeys from the Prophets through the Nativity in the greatest story ever told. Featuring orchestral Christmas music by Michael W. Smith and friends, INCARNATION is a holiday experience unlike any other.

111 Incarnation Poster

The soundtrack for INCARNATION, Emmanuel: A Musical Celebration of the Life of Christ, has been described as “top notch expository oratorio” and “a wonderful interpretation of Christ’s life.”

We look forward to sharing this special Christmas journey with you! Tour dates: November 18 – December 18, 2016.

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