About Us

A dynamic team of dancers, speakers, and musicians, 1:11 aims to reveal Jesus through their unique and powerful mix of message and medium. Their work has been called “a holy tapestry,” “a visual and auditory feast,” and profoundly moving.

Every 1:11 production is biblically based, artistically excellent, and aims to reveal Jesus to head and heart.

The story of God’s love for us, His restoring and healing power and desire for a personal relationship was powerfully communicated in a visual and auditory feast of story, dance and song. I am so pleased that the creative arts are being used so powerfully to His glory and honour.–Dr. Dave Fowler, Oshawa, ON

A typical 1:11 show is 45-60 minutes long and intersperses power-packed speaking segments (we’ve been called the TED Talks of ministry) with dance and music that explore, enhance, and embody the themes. Not just a message and not just a performance, every 1:11 production is an experience that leads audiences into encounter with God.


The name “1:11” is a reference to Mark 1:11, where the Father proclaims to Jesus, “You are my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” It is our desire that the people of God will see the beloved Son of God more clearly and worship him wholeheartedly. Consecutive number 1s have also become a personal symbol for us of coming into alignment with God’s will in every area of our lives.


1:11 began bringing their unique mix of word and dance to the church world as Soli Deo Gloria Ballet, debuting in 2008 with the Lord’s Prayer-based production “Father.” In the next seven years they toured across Canada, the US, and the Philippines, giving over 250 shows in churches, outreach events, schools, and more. In response to new direction and vision, they renamed the team in 2015.


1:11 offers one-hour productions, two-day conferences, workshops, and more. Fuller descriptions and more info can be found at our Booking page.


We are now a partner ministry with the non-profit mission organization, Flyingbow. Find our how to support us through our Flyingbow project here.

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